There are so many different female singers in each kind of music genre that it is actually very difficult to pick out the all time greatest ones. Based on numbers of records sold however, there are of course those who stand on top, but there are plenty that were just as good that may have just not been as popular of a genre of music at that time. These are some of the greatest female singers of all time.

Janet Jackson is definitely a woman who deserves to be on this list. She is one of the most famous female singers in the world and was very popular in the pop scene. While she may not have been one of the best vocally talented artists, she had a unique way of singing and her influence on popular music made her a very popular singer. She has won countless awards during her career and has sold millions of records worldwide. Of course, another reason why she was able to garner up so much fame is because of her older brother Michael Jackson who is known as one of the greatest male singers of all time. This is not to say that she became famous because of him however. Her rise to fame was due to her amazing singing talent and natural ability to create amazing music that tons of people would listen to all around the world.

Beyonce is one of the most talented female singers of her generation. She has sold millions of records just like Janet Jackson and has inspired so many different artists with her amazing vocal ability. Madonna is another great female singer. In fact, she is the most successful female artist in the history of music. With more than double the records sold compared to Janet Jackson, Madonna’s unique singing and vocal talent made her without a doubt one of the greatest female singers of all time.

Adele is another one of the greatest female singers of all time. Her debut album sent her spiraling into fame with over seven million copies sold. While she is one of the newer female singers, this makes it even impressive that she could be such a hit in a shorter amount of time. She is a truly amazing artist with much more music coming that will surely break records.

Of course, this list would not be complete without Mariah Carey. She is easily one of the greatest singers ever, whether you compare her to men or women. She has one of the most amazing voices ever heard and has an insane vocal range that still holds the record. She has sold almost as many records as Madonna, but her voice is much more impressive, which really sets her apart as one of the very best female singers in history.

These are some of my picks as to who is the greatest female singers of all time. All of these artists have amazing talents and have received many awards for their amazing singing.