In no specific order, these concert venues are some of the best in the United States. All it really comes down to is your preference in music and the dates that the artists you love to listen to are playing at one of the locations.

Red Rocks Amphitheater

What a beautiful place to see a great concert. What is so amazing about this location is that mother nature basically sculpted the entire amphitheater herself, so the incline seating and stage are all part rock. Not only this, but the sound quality is perfect, so kudos to nature for making such a beautiful location to have a great concert venue. Located in Colorado, this location is right within most peoples travel in the United States. But you have to be sure to bring a coat if you are seeing a concert during any season that is cold, since this is a very open air amphitheater. This location has a great reputation for hosting some of the best music artists to this date, and makes for a fun evening with whoever you want to bring along.

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Gorge Amphitheater

The name speaks for itself, because this amphitheater is situated right next to the Columbia gorge canyon. Not only this, but from any seat in this open air amphitheater, you can see the glimmering Columbia River right behind the stage. The design is perfect, because no matter where you find yourself sitting, you always have a great view of the stage. It makes sense that this location is much more popular in the warmer months, hosting many different festivals and tours, mainly to attract the biggest crowds to fill up the near 23,000 person capacity.

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Hollywood Bowl

This is an amphitheatre most renowned for its band shell design that sees arches set in front of a shell that is set in front of the Hollywood Hills and in the distance the Hollywood Sign. With many popular artists making their appearance here, its no wonder that venues can tend to sell out quite fast. Not only this, but its location tends to draw many locals to the venues, as it is in the Hollywood Hills. There are hundreds of events every year at this location, so finding the right genre of music to grab a ticket to is up to you being quick enough to buy them. With a capacity of 17,500 people, this outdoor amphitheatre is a massive set that seats every single one of the capacity numbers.

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Radio City Music Hall

Nobody could mistake this indoor theatre for something that did not involve a performance of some type. Brightly lit with great neon signs and reserved indoor seating for up to 5,960 guests, this venue is better known for hosting America’s Got Talent. But this is not the only good show that comes around to this location. Many different genres of artists make their way to this great music hall to entertain thousands. In recent years the focus of entertainment has shifted to mainly concerts and live show performances, which makes it a great place to see any artist that you really enjoy listening to.

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